Employment Law

Based on our accumulated practical experience on the dynamics of the Australian market, we will provide you with comprehensive legal affairs solutions for business due diligence, sales, partnership disputes, commercial leasing, operation and employment. We are willing to provide you with legal support for cross-border business that may be involved in Australia and share the legal policy updates with you promptly.

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Employment Law

Auslaw Partners help both employers and employees understand the complexities of the Fair Work laws. Our skill and experience mean we can identify the key issues and offer practical solutions on the following:


    • Draft and review employment contracts and policies
    • Enforce employment contracts
    • Assist clients with workplace issues as they arise
    • Advise on the termination of employment of employees
    • Defend employee claims such as unfair dismissal, adverse action, breach of contract


    • Review employment contracts and consider areas to negotiate or challenge
    • Advise on unfair dismissal law and compensation
    • Advise on employment contract breaches and solutions
    • Review redundancies and entitlement payments.

If you are seeking advice regarding an employment-related matter, including advice regarding a potential claim you may have against an employer or employee or defending same, your prospects of success, or any other matter relating to your situation, we are here to help.

We have extensive experience dealing with most forms of employment matters and can provide you with competent advice regarding any aspect of your employment issue.

We strive to save our clients time and money by seeking to resolve matters early.  Being results driven means most of our cases are settled swiftly and successfully without the matter proceeding to a court, tribunal or commission.

Our trusted lawyers are highly skilled in helping employers with legal issues and obligations spanning:

    • preparation of employment contracts
    • restraints of trade and non-competition agreements
    • design and implementation of compliance strategies
    • performance management in the workplace
    • unfair dismissal
    • bullying and harassment
    • wages and conditions claims
    • restructures
    • workers compensation claims and Queensland law
    • work health and safety prosecutions.

The services we provide include:

    • preparing and negotiating all employment related agreements including executive and director contracts, consultancy agreements, retention agreements, and settlement agreements;
    • advising on human resources processes and procedures in relation to recruitment, performance appraisals, performance management, transfer of business, corporate restructuring and redundancies;
    • advising on termination of employment, including contractual and statutory obligations for notice and termination payments, and dismissal as a result of poor performance or misconduct;
    • advising on issues of executive remuneration including remuneration structure, equity incentive arrangements, termination benefits, and related shareholder approval requirements;
    • conducting award and pay audits, including in connection with investigations by the Fair Work Ombudsman and other regulatory bodies;
    • developing and assisting in the implementation of internal policies and procedures; and
    • assisting clients in informal resolution of workplace grievances and disputes.

We also represent clients in employment litigation matters in all federal and state courts and tribunals, including claims in relation to breach of contract and trade practices; unfair dismissal; general protections; restraint of trade; and protection of intellectual property and confidential information.

When matters cannot resolve by negotiation, our employment lawyers have strong advocacy and trial experience. We are able to litigate matters through to completion.

We understand that the success of your business depends on having employees with the right skills and experience, working together in a supportive and productive environment bound by mutual respect, fairness and safety.

That’s why we act for employers by delivering expert legal advice and representation in employment, workplace relations and industrial relations matters, including:

    • Enterprise Agreements;
    • Labour Hire;
    • Benchmark Training;
    • Workplace Health And Safety;
    • Employee Management;
    • Workplace Bullying;
    • Workplace Discrimination;
    • Employment Contracts;

With our focus on three pillars of Education, Advice and Solving Problems we help Employers overcome legal obstacles.

Our core values are to help first, be practical, produce results and provide honest communication.

You need a dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable firm on your side when you:

    • are navigating an employment-related matter
    • need to resolve a dispute.

At Auslaw Partners we pride ourselves on our practical, cost-effective approach. We will commit to keeping you informed of:

    • your rights and obligations
    • your chances of success in any legal proceeding (litigation, negotiation, etc.)
    • a clear and reasonable estimation of the costs involved.

We work with both employers and employees, so have a unique insight into both sides of the argument. Approaching matters with this perspective benefits our clients.

Understanding parties’ motivations allow us to reach timely, and thus cost-effective resolutions.

We have big-firm experience, having acted for larger blue-chip and private companies.

In addition to legal expertise, our lawyers also have real-world commercial experience. We know first-hand the complexities of running a business. As such, we also understand the importance of commerciality. As an employer, there is legal red tape imposed by:

    • industrial legislation
    • government authorities
    • unions
    • industry-based associations
    • other interested bodies.

We know that you do not need the headache having to deal with employment issues can cause.

We also know that your rights are valuable, and no one should be able to infringe on these.

Let us take care of the legal side so you can get back to work or running your business.

You can rest assured knowing an experienced team, committed to keeping the costs low, is on your side.

Most importantly, at Aitken Whyte Lawyers Brisbane, we genuinely care about the results. Our lawyers are passionate about this area of law and strive for success.

We aim to resolve your employment dispute quickly, fairly and discreetly.

Our cost-effective legal advice spans all areas of employment law. If you think something is amiss at work, we can help.

At Auslaw Partners, our Workplace Relations and Employment Law team is experienced in all aspects of employment law. Whether dealing with discrimination in the workplace or wrongful termination, we will handle your claim with discretion, diplomacy and determination to ensure your rights and your reputation are protected.

Issues around workplace law and your employment rights can be complex and move at a fast pace. It’s important to seek advice as soon as possible as time limits relate to different claims. Our team is known for its ability to navigate the complexities and diversity of issues related to employment and industrial law and we can provide advice and assistance across all matters including:

    • Unfair dismissal
    • Enterprise bargaining agreements and Award rights
    • General protections claims
    • Professional conduct and discipline law
    • Workplace discrimination
    • Executive and senior management terminations
    • Contract negotiations and disputes
    • Restraint of trade
    • Industrial action
    • Redundancy rights and entitlements
    • Workplace health and safety

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