Criminal Offense

If you are being charged with a criminal offence, it is recommended to seek professional legalIf you are being charged with a criminal offence, it is recommended to seek professional legal advice from a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences. Please contact us immediately, and our professional team will give you priority to arrange to process. When you need to protect your legal rights, necessary litigation dispute resolution and arbitration matters can also be handled by us. advice from a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences. Please contact us immediately, and our professional team will give you priority to arrange to process. When you need to protect your legal rights, necessary litigation dispute resolution and arbitration matters can also be handled by us.

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Criminal Offense

If you are being questioned by police or have been charged with a criminal offence, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities. Auslaw Partners provide assistance, advice and representation at every stage of the criminal process.

When things go wrong, we are the people you want by your side. A team you can trust, with real experience and results. We will provide expertise, guidance and support. But more importantly, we believe in justice and fairness and will go above and beyond to fight for you.

We know that being charged with a criminal offence is an extremely stressful and intimidating experience. The outcome of a criminal offence charge can have serious ramifications on a person’s livelihood, family, future or even freedom.

Choosing the correct legal representation is essential to ensuring that your rights are protected from the outset. Initial interactions with police are often daunting and overwhelming. Having a criminal defence lawyer with the knowledge and experience to guide you through this process is integral. The decision that you make during this high-pressure situation can have significant impacts on the outcome of your matter.

Whether you are going to court for drug possession, common assault, or drink driving, or facing a complex trial for murder, commercial drug importation or supply, sexual assault or large-scale fraud, our experienced team of specialist criminal defence lawyers will fight to have your charges dropped or downgraded, or thrown out of court if the case proceeds to a defended hearing or jury trial.

We offer advice and court representation for an extensive range of criminal offences including sexual assault and domestic violence cases, drug-related charges, and traffic law which includes traffic infringements and penalty notices. Contact our Parramatta offices on 1800 100 529 to speak to a defence lawyer about your case. We offer non-judgmental assistance and will do our absolute best to help you in all matters of criminal law.

As one of Brisbane’s most sought after criminal law firms, Auslaw Partners has a track record of great success in defending a wide variety of criminal offences. Furthermore, our criminal law experts have been successful in achieving non-convictions in a number of cases. We are the best defenders of your rights, and we start by listening to your needs and concerns and helping you understand your options. We will then advise you on pursuing the best possible course of action in your individual circumstances.


  • Assault & Violent Offences

Any physical activity that is forceful or aggressive in nature can fall under the assault and violent offence umbrella. The manner in which these actions are manifested ultimately determines how they are characterised. The five most common offences regarding assaults are:

    • Common Assault
    • Serious Assault
    • Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm
    • Unlawful Wounding
    • Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Drug Offences

As with other crimes, the punishment for drug offences hinge on how they are manifested. For instance, the consequences for selling tend to be more severe than possession. Here are the most common drug offenses:

    • Possession
    • Supply
    • Production
    • Trafficking
    • Importation
  • Murder and Manslaughter Offences

The most serious of crimes can carry with them the harshest of penalties, including life in prison. Sentencing depends on a variety of circumstances, including whether the act is defined as manslaughter – which typically means the negligent killing of someone – or first or second degree, which are uniquely defined.

  • Sexual Offences

Offences of an illegal and sexual nature are broadly defined and the penalties are similarly wide in scope. The most common sexual offences include:

    • Rape
    • Sexual assault
    • Indecent treatment of children
  • Fraud & Dishonesty Offences

These offences involve fallacious actions or strategies designed to swindle someone out of their rightful property, from petty theft to more complex ruses that fall under the identity theft umbrella. The circumstances surrounding the misconduct is typically what the court considers when determining the penalty.

  • Tax Offences

Tax laws are complex and so is the preparation required to adequately represent those who are charged with offences such as tax evasion, fraud, conspiracy to defraud or obtaining unfair financial advantage.

  • Robbery Offences

Robbery is very similar to the offence of larceny (stealing), however it is considered more serious as it also involves an assault on a person. There are several different forms of robbery under the Crimes Act. These include:

    • Robbery or stealing from the person
    • Aggravated robbery
    • Aggravated robbery with wounding
    • Armed robbery, or robbery in company
    • Armed robbery or robbery in company resulting in wounding
  • Firearms Offences

Firearms & Weapons Offences have received much publicity in recent times and are treated seriously by the courts. It is therefore vital to secure representation from lawyers with specialist experience in firearms cases.

    • Unauthorized Possession and use of Firearms
    • Unregistered Firearms
    • Dangerous use of Firearms
    • Possession of Dangerous Articles other than Firearms
  • Property Offences

People have a right to use their legally owned property how they wish. Robbery, burglary and stealing without consent are infringements on those unalienable rights.

  • Tax Offences

Taxation matters often involved detailed and complex investigations, due to them usually being hard to detect, and a large amount of preparation is often required to be able to give considered advice in responding to charges of this nature.  Auslaw Partners and considered advice as to the strength of the prosecution case, and the likelihood of conviction if the matter proceeds to trial.

  • Federal Offences

Federal or Commonwealth charges cover a range of alleged criminal behaviour, from minor Tax and Customs offences to serious crimes under the Criminal Code Act. Commonwealth cases are generally prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) or the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Because of the vast resources at the disposal of the CDPP and AFP, it is essential that you seek superior representation from criminal lawyers who are experienced in defending Commonwealth prosecutions.

  • Break and Enter Offence

There are a range of break and enter offences contained within the Crimes Act, each of which carries a different penalty. Perhaps the most commonly prosecuted offence is that of ‘break, enter and commit a serious indictable offence, covers the offence of ‘break, enter and steal.’

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