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Auslaw Partners is a leading multicultural law firm in Australia with a multicultural background (English/Chinese/Cantonese/Korean/Malay/Vietnamese/Thai, etc.) which is founded by a group of Chinese lawyers in Brisbane in 2020, and practical experience in cases involving various jurisdictions with an attitude of acknowledging truth-seeking, comprehensive and timely, and abiding by law and morality.

Auslaw Partners provide clients with the best legal support experience based on legal professional ethics and responsible service consciousness strive and while deeply understanding the needs and purpose of customers, we sincerely provide our professional guidance and suggestions to continuously improve the service process, improve customer satisfaction and obtain a sense of service experience. Auslaw Partners stands here to help and speak for you when you need professional legal services. We tailor specific legal service for individual or groups by customizing and assess situations that involve various clients’ requirements.


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Opening the doors on 1 July 2020, Mr Huiming Lin, Mr Tony Chee and a small Chinese-lawyers team in Brisbane set about establishing the foundations for what we know today as Auslaw Partners. With a strong focus on client services, Auslaw Partners quickly established itself as a market leading law firm in multicultural communities of Australia across a diverse range of practice areas, where Auslaw Partners is recognised as one of the Chinese-lawyers background leaders. In 2021, Auslaw Partners opened offices in Southside, Brisbane and Southport, Gold Coast. Since then, Auslaw Partners has grown into a full-service law firm providing commercial advice, property transaction support, migration consultation, family law, litigation and dispute resolution services.

(中文) 凭借在澳华人律师的创始人实践价值,通过为澳洲多元文化社区和昆士兰州的客户提供高质量、优质的服务和为我们的客户带来最好的结果,澳和律业的愿景是成为布里斯班和黄金海岸领先的多元文化律师事务所。

With Chinese-lawyers background founders’ practice value, Auslaw Partners’ vision is to be a leading multicultural law firm in Brisbane and Gold Coast through the delivery of quality work, excellent service, and the best possible outcomes for our clients, communities and the state of Queensland.

At Auslaw Partners, our lawyers aim to deliver innovative solutions that are capable of being delivered efficiently. Our experience and ability ensure that we efficiently execute a devised strategy for our clients in the delivery of our service, that in effect realises a better return to our clients. Our lawyers believe in setting the ‘new standard’ in the delivery of legal practice. With an emphasis on adapting to the ever-changing conditions of the business community, we are adamant that this sets us apart from others. We recognise that our clients are the ones who know best, and we are merely there to facilitate the best legal solutions.

Our services are designed specifically to protect our clients’ personal, investment and business interests and to ensure that these interests can and will be transferred down from generation to generation in a safe and cost-effective manner. With Chinese-lawyers founders background, Auslaw Partners solutions are sometimes described as “outside the box”, recognising the firm’s ability to offer effective solutions for clients with complicated needs. Auslaw Partners’ particular areas of expertise include: • Property law • Commercial law • Immigration law • Family law • Succession law • Criminal and civil litigation

Auslaw Partners is a leading multicultural law firm in Australia with a multicultural background which was founded by a group of Chinese lawyers in Brisbane in 2020. We offer legal services in English, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, etc.



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