Commercial Lease

Sorting out a commercial lease or seeking tenancy services that is right for you does not have to be complicated.

You can avoid the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own by consulting us for legal advice.

Auslaw Partners offer straight-talking advice and clear templates for Qld commercial leases if you are the landlord or the tenant of any property in Queensland.

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant (of any property in Queensland) you will benefit from our straight talking advice and clear templates regarding Qld commercial leases.

Auslaw Partners understand that all lease situations are unique, where each lease will offer different challenges and risks. Our industry-leading experience allows us to convert any challenge or risk in your lease to reward, by reducing or eliminating risk to you. Our aim is to guarantee your best interest.

Our commercial property management team have the specialist knowledge, skills and experience to deal with all commercial landlord and tenant matters. Our clients extend across a variety of business industries throughout Queensland. Our team of commercial property managers appreciate that a commercial property lease is an estate in Real Estate for the landlord and the tenant.

Our expert team can help you with rent reviews, lease renewals, assignments, surrender of commercial leases and sub-lettings as well as general advice on all landlord & tenant issues or disputes.

The team leverages our industry knowledge and legal experience to provide services at any stage in the leasing life cycle. We assist our clients with:

    • Coordination of leasing campaigns and preparing Letters of Intent
    • Drafting and negotiating formal lease documentation, including disclosure documentation for retail leases
    • Negotiating variations of lease terms and acting for major tenants
    • Negotiating exercise of options and extensions
    • Engaging in enforcement and recovery action
    • Facilitating assignment and sub-leasing arrangements

Whether you need a lease drafted, or help negotiating an agreement, Auslaw Partners can help you achieve your goal. With years of commercial experience to bring to the table, we can also help you with the swift acquisition and disposal of all types of properties.

Commercial and retail leases are our particular speciality, offering sound advice on:

    • Making complex leasing negotiations simple
    • Developing standard form leasing documents for individual clients
    • Due diligence, ensuring any leasing agreement you make is sound
    • Quickly resolving ongoing lease issues such as insurances, defaults, and changes in control of tenant companies
    • Competitive retail, commercial and industrial leasing
    • Retail legislation compliance
    • Reviewing your lease documents before signing any important agreement
    • Tenancy management, so you can focus on other parts of your business—and life

We understand that leasing any property is an important step for business and property owners, and one that offers both a significant commercial upside along with varying degrees of risk. We establish close relationships with each of our clients to ensure we find the right balance between risk and reward that addresses their commercial environment.

While landlords and tenants may have competing interests, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully negotiate a lease that is feasible for both parties.

Our lawyers pay attention to the details and ensure that a lease provides clear provisions for the rent and rent review triggers, repair and maintenance obligations, and what happens when the lease ends.

We are able to comb through lengthy leases, which can contain a lot of wordy clauses and conditions, and provide our clients with practical easy-to-understand advice.

Auslaw Partners works with a number of large shopping centres throughout Queensland and also local landlords with both commercial and retail premises. Our tenant clients include commercial and retail tenants including several supermarkets throughout Queensland.

Our lawyers solicitors have the skills and experience to provide relevant practical advice to all landlords and tenants for all their leasing needs including:

    • Commercial
    • Retail Shop
    • Farming/Rural

Choosing Auslaw Partners means you will be working with a leasing lawyer who understands the Queensland leasing market. Our lawyers have provided legal services to tenants and landlords for years. Seeking advice from one of our experienced leasing lawyers before you enter into a lease or let a property will ensure your rights and obligations are documented, clearly understood and protected.

We recognise that, just as every business is unique, there is no one size fits all commercial or retail lease. For landlords, we draft leases that are clear and binding and will protect your property investment. The loss of a tenant, or a poorly drafted lease can impact on the value of the property through lost or reduced financial returns. Ensuring that you have a high quality lease in place makes a lot of sense.

For tenants, we ensure that you have the security of tenure without overextending your obligations. Poorly prepared leases, or the absence of a legally binding lease can result in substantial losses for tenants. It may be that unexpected expenses are incurred which should properly have been the responsibility of the landlord, or the absence of a binding lease can mean that you have to vacate and find new premises, which might not be available in a suitable location, or might be more expensive. A properly prepared lease will protect a tenant from these risks.

Regardless of the nature of the property, a good lease depends on the detail. Our Auslaw Partners Leasing Lawyers will delve into the detail to make sure that your business or property is secure, and that there are no nasty surprises.

Our team have experience with commercial and industrial leases, retail shop leases, farming and private leases, our services include:

    • drafting new lease agreements
    • negotiating lease terms
    • subleases, assignments and variation
    • assisting to resolve lease disputes between landlord and tenant;
    • enforcing obligations under the lease and addressing breaches of lease agreements
    • issuing and responding to notices to remedy a breach of the lease.

Once you decide which type of lease is best for your business, it’s important to make sure you understand all of the provisions in the agreement before you sign anything. This is especially crucial in Queensland, where landlords’ lawyers are responsible for crafting commercial and retail shop leases, meaning each one is different.

Our commercial leasing lawyers will review the lease before you sign it to ensure that you are fully informed about all of the stipulations pertaining to:

    • Payment of legal costs associated with implementation of the lease
    • Duration of the lease
    • The lease amount and requirements for payment
    • Rent increases
    • Late payments
    • Methods for resolution of disputes
    • The option to buy, if any
    • Lease renewal, if applicable
    • Early termination of lease, if applicable
    • Subletting, if applicable
    • Lease transfer and cost, if applicable
    • Insurance coverage
    • Responsibility for maintenance and associated costs
    • Responsibility for any renovations, additions, alterations, improvements to the space
    • “Ownership” of any furniture or fixtures supplied by you during your tenancy
    • Condition of premises upon termination of tenancy

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