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Po Box: GPO Box 3136, Brisbane City, QLD 4000


(中文) Faye Lai


(中文) Very professional team. Not only do they offer you the best services regarding your visa issues, but they also provide you with mental support which is very meaningful for clients. I was so touched throughout the whole process. I would also like to express my great appreciation to Dan and Mai.


(中文) Hank Tsai


(中文) Best ever lawyers I’ve ever met! Mr Lin has show me his professional advise! Will recommend him for sure!


(中文) Kathy M


(中文) We worked with Jacky at Auslaw partners. He was professional, extremely responsive and very, very helpful (with my thousands of questions) throughout our home purchasing process. The price was also very reasonable for the service we received! Would highly recommend!!


(中文) Max Lau


(中文) A massive thank you to the team at AusLaw Partners, everyone here is incredibly competent and delivers an excellent service. All throughout out time dealing with them, they are always friendly, knowledgeable and happy to go above and beyond to help. I highly recommend AusLaw Partners and will continue to use their services.

非常感谢AusLaw Partners的团队,在座的每个人都非常有能力,并提供优质的服务。在与他们打交道的整个过程中,他们总是友善,知识渊博,并且乐于超越他人以提供帮助。我强烈推荐AusLaw合作伙伴,并将继续使用他们的服务。

(中文) Henry Yao


(中文) Tony and his team was fantastic to work with, they are very professional. All the documents are provided clearly by English/Chinese version. Jacky and Tracey are very helpful to follow up the case and get things done smoothly. Highly recommended Auslaw Partners.

Tony和他的团队合作非常愉快,他们非常专业。所有文件均以英文/中文明确提供。 Jacky和Tracey对跟进此案并顺利完成工作非常有帮助。强烈推荐Auslaw合作伙伴。

(中文) 游子澄


(中文) 我真的希望有100颗星来评价这个律师事务所的专业服务品质。作为一个赶着要在4月1号前过户491小生意的我,时间赶得无法想象。3月10号注册公司,3月26号完成生意settle。有点买卖生意经验的人都会说基本不可能。但是的确是办成。这里要感恩林律师,以及特别感恩许律师,不管我怎么无理的催他(真不好意思),永远都是充满耐心,心平气和的帮我解决问题。好多文件都是凌晨一点两点发给我的。我凌晨12点问还会不会发给我,他说我答应您的就一定会办到。结果那天他工作到半夜4点。Settle的这天,因为卖家指名要他负责帮忙交支票,他居然来车100多公里去帮我送支票给律师。除了感动,还是感动。



Very professional and efficient service.
Reasonable fees and professional service, the most important thing is professionalism and responsibility

rvycgko zjadfk


Solicitor Wang Haiyang has strong professional ability and is responsible for his duties.

Koyie Cheang


Renting out shops in Australia is a good investment, but the things inside are complicated and cumbersome! I am very lucky to find Shane Wang as my representative lawyer. He is very professional and patient in drafting contracts, providing professional advice and negotiation. He is also very efficient and professional. He always stands in my interests.

Taylor Mao


Solicitor Lin’s entire team is very efficient. highly recommended!
Solicitor Xu was very patient and put forward many pertinent suggestions for my case, which protected my rights.
I am really relieved to hand over the case to them, great! great!


Xiaowen Zhou


I came into contact with Auslaw Partners because of business transactions. First of all, Solicitor Huiming Lin and Solicitor Julius Xu have a strong sense of responsibility, strong professional ability, easy communication, and I can get their help in time during non-working hours! To be honest, the comparison with the lawyers on the other side allowed me to understand the professionalism and advantages of Auslaw Partners. In the entire contract processing process, compared with the other’s lawyer’s laziness and rigorous procrastination, Solicitor Lin and Solicitor Xu have always dealt with it professionally and promptly. Really, big law firms are trustworthy!

Yang Ayla

好评: 专业, 价格, 响应能力

在与西方文化背景下的律师打交道会经常出现在下班后以及节假日联系不到律师的情况,造成很多困扰。 林律师虽然身在布里斯班但依旧可以做到即使再晚再忙也能及时回复真的很了不起,另一个值得夸赞的地方在于他可以为远程客户提供Zoom视频解释合同,把合同里的重要事项和时间都在解释时标注清楚并且之后还会为客户准备好需要注意的清单真的让人很安心。 专业的业务能力和贴心的服务态度让人不得不感叹澳洲竟然还有这样敬业努力还谦虚的律师和律所存在。



(Translated by Google) I have known Lin Huiming Law Firm for many years. Under his leadership, the OHE team has demonstrated high-level business capabilities, rich experience and a rigorous and dedicated professional attitude. In addition, they also actively serve the community and are enthusiastic about public welfare. They are a quality law firm that clients can trust !


Leo Lee


Tony and Julius offer great legal advises toward my properties. They are very patient and responsive toward all my questions. Highly recommended

leiping lee


Auslaw Lawyers can be said to be the team of lawyers with the most responsible person I have contacted in Australia. There is never a so-called sky-high bill like the previous law firm, or the lawyer cannot be contacted. And every time there is a problem, the customer will be notified as soon as possible to let the customer know what stage the case is at.




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