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We have professional immigration lawyers to plan your visa application path. In the field of immigration, we provide not only visa services but also more reasonable and appropriate life planning options. Regardless of whether you are a business owner or an individual, we will treat you equally and sincerely provide immigration advice and related services, including possible follow-up issues. We are also willing to discuss with you enthusiastically.

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Family Immigration

At Auslaw Partners, we understand the importance of family and the challenges one would face when separated from their loved ones. We have helped unite hundreds of families and individuals to migrate their family in Australia. Our migration lawyers will support you in the Australian immigration process for your family and relatives, whether you’re an Australian citizen or looking to immigrate. We have a proud record of providing assistance on the following types of family migration visas:

    • Parent visas
    • Child visas
    • Partner visas
    • Other family visas

Our professional services include:

    • Assessing any risk factors
    • Determining the appropriate application strategy
    • Advising on criteria to be met for the grant of the visa
    • Assisting with the identification and collection of documents evidencing the relationship
    • Drafting the statements in support
    • Preparing and submitting the visa and sponsorship applications
    • Communicating with the applicant and eligible sponsor until a decision is made by the Immigration Department

To discuss how we can assist you with advice, as well as in preparing and lodging your partner visa application, please click here to contact Visa Lawyers Australia

Examples of cases we have worked on include:

    • Applicants unlawfully resident in Australia
    • Couples separated physically due to commitments in their respective locations
    • Applicants and/or eligible sponsors with criminal records
    • Applicants with health problems
    • Applicants who have been in a relationship with their Australian partner for a very short period of time
    • Determining strategies on how applicants might be able to lodge their applications in Australia
    • Applicants and sponsors who have substantial age differences
    • Relationships that include at least one person who has previously been married or in a de facto relationship, or has a child to previous partners
    • Same-sex couples who have been unable to live together overseas for cultural reasons
    • Cases involving custody of children and difficulties experienced by including the children in the application
    • Relationship break down due to domestic violence or other exceptional reasons
    • Requesting priority processing in exceptional circumstances
    • Allegations by the Immigration Department that the relationship is not genuine
    • Where the Australian partner has previously sponsored an overseas partner
    • Where the applicant was previously in a relationship with another Australian, and the Immigration Department refused a previous partner visa application or cancelled the applicant’s previous partner visa
    • Sponsors who face a legal bar on sponsoring partners
    • Couples in arranged marriages

With extensive experience leading the Australian Private Client Practice of the world’s largest immigration law firm, our staff are well placed to assist with all issues relating to Family visas, including: sponsorship limitations, de facto relationships, relationship evidence, and the various visa types.

Auslaw Partners can provide clearly defined guidelines to ensure that you, your partner and your family’s visa applications are successful. We can assist with all types of visa categories including Partner, Parent, Family and Child visas, to ensure your family is cared for as you start your new life together in Australia.

Providing for your family and ensuring their wellbeing is one of the most rewarding pleasures in life for many people. Our lawyers can provide precise guidelines for you and your family to ensure that not only is your visa application a success, but your family and partners is too. Our team promise is that we will provide timely and accurate advice and do everything possible to give your application the greatest possible chance of success.

Auslaw Partners delivers specialised immigration lawyer services to advise and assist you with your migration to Australia. Our professional Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents practice in a full range of Visa and Citizenship Services throughout Australia, with offices conveniently located in Brisbane CBD.

Dedicated to achieving results through extensive industry experience and a personalised approach, we will ease the migration process by supporting you through all aspects of migration law, including study, skilled, business, work and family visa applications. Our registered and qualified immigration lawyers are proud to be a part of building your new life here in Australia.

Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens are able to sponsor certain family members to join them in Australia. The laws around sponsoring family are complicated and often subjective, as in the case of partner visa applications where the Department of Immigration and Border Protection must be satisfied that an applicant’s and sponsor’s relationship is ‘genuine and continuing’ in order for a visa to be granted.

It is essential to obtain clear and correct advice about whether your family member is likely to qualify for a visa, the necessary evidence that must be provided in support of any familial relationship and what is involved in the visa application process in order to avoid lengthy delays in the processing of an application or negative outcomes.

The Australian Family and Spouse Visas, aim to reunite immediate and extended family members with their eligible Australian relatives and spouses. To be sponsored under the Australian Family Migration stream, the close family relative or spouse must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen and at least 18 years old. Depending on the specific circumstances of the applicant, there are a number of temporary and permanent family visas offered. This Is Australia will guide you through the various options and process, to ensure you are a successful applicant.

Our expert team of immigration lawyers specialise in the following types of family visas:

    • Prospective Marriage visas (for fiancés/fiancées)
    • Partner visas (for married, de facto and same-sex relationships)
    • Parent visas (temporary and permanent)
    • Contributory Aged Parent visas
    • Child visa
    • Remaining Relative visa
    • Age Dependant Relative visas
    • Adoption visas
    • Orphan Relative visas
    • Carer visa
    • Visitor visas – Sponsored Family Stream
    • New Zealand Family Relationship visas

We can also assist with Visitor visas to Australia, which includes family sponsored Visitor visas. There are a range of family migration options for people, including Parent visas, Carer visas and Remaining Relative visas. However, the Department has made recent moves to make these visas more difficult, so you should contact one of our lawyers to see if you are eligible to apply under one of these visa subclasses.

Our Immigration Lawyers are able to ensure that your partner visa application is decision ready and meets all the requirements for a speedy visa process. Our Lawyers have years of experience dealing with complex partner visa applications and can guide you to ensure your application is not delayed and is successful.

Lodging an online partner visa application is not difficult and can be done in perhaps 1 hour. However, unless the information and supporting documents that you provide are correct, comprehensive and extensive, there will be high a chance of visa refusal. Unfortunately, partner visa case officers are not very flexible and always require significant amount of evidence to be satisfied that a relationship is genuine and ongoing.

Our Immigration Lawyers are able to advise you on the type of evidence that you can prepare to make a decision ready application. Our expert lawyers can also inform you if you are barred from sponsoring someone or point out any other weaknesses that your case may have.

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